Tubing Mascara- What is it and why you should be using it

If you’ve browsed through a cosmetics aisle lately, you might have noticed something called “tubing mascara” popping up among your usual mascara selections. More and more brands and bloggers are getting in on the tubing mascara craze. But what is tubing mascara, exactly? What makes it different from regular mascara? And should you really ditch your old mascara to give tubing mascara a try?
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Why Choose Tubing Mascara Over “Regular” Mascara?

On the surface, tubing mascara and regular mascara may appear to produce similar results. But there are some solid reasons why you should choose tubing mascara for your lash needs. 

If you’re on the fence about tubing mascara, consider some of the benefits it offers, like:

  • No more smudging or flaking. Tubing mascara stays exactly where you want it to stay – on your lashes, and nowhere else. You can say goodbye to the “raccoon eye” you get from regular mascaras; tubing mascara goes off and on with no unwanted residue. 
  • Ideal results for short, fine or brittle lashes. Getting best results with regular mascara requires multiple coats, but if you have short or thin lashes, multiple coats of mascara can leave your lashes clumpy – or worse yet, give you the dreaded “spider legs” look. Since tubing mascara is lightweight and goes on evenly, you can get much better results even with short lashes. 
  • Beat the humidity. If you live in a humid, muggy climate, wearing non-waterproof mascara means you risk having your mascara run, leaving you with smudgy “panda bear” eyes. Tubing mascara, on the other hand, is humidity-proof. It stays exactly where it’s supposed to be until you take it off at the end of the day. 
  • Easy to remove. Regular mascaras can require special eye makeup removers and a great deal of scrubbing to remove – and more times than not, you’ll still wake up with smudges of residue under your eyes in the morning. Tubing mascara, on the other hand, requires no makeup remover and no scrubbing. Simply press a warm washcloth to your eyes for a few seconds, and you can easily wipe away the tubes. 
  • More comfort for sensitive eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, you’re probably familiar with the difficulties that regular mascara can bring. Any time your mascara runs, you risk ending up with red, itchy or watery eyes – probably not the look you’re going for! Since tubing mascara is lightweight, flake-proof, and easy to remove without scrubbing, it’s the gentlest choice for sensitive eyes. 


For better lashes with less hassle, try making your next tube of mascara a tubing mascara. 

What is Tubing Mascara?

“Tubing mascara” is not just mascara that comes in a tube – it’s a new technology that completely changes the way mascara works on your lashes.

Regular mascaras coat your lashes with a thick layer of pigment – that’s what makes your lashes look darker and thicker. It’s also why you often need two coats of mascara, which can leave your lashes clumpy and crumbly.

Tubing mascaras, on the other hand, use polymers to create a “tube” around each one of your eyelashes, adding length, color and curl with none of the mess. The way they’re formulated means that you never have to scrub off the mascara – with just a bit of hot water, the tubes slip right off your lashes without leaving residue behind.

Here are 5 of our Favorite Tubing Mascaras 

Lash Slick

Film form mascara


Kevin Aucoin

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