10 Best Makeup Brush Sets

With so many good makeup brush sets on the market, choosing which one will fulfill your needs best can be challenging. A good collection features high-quality brushes which have fine bristles and a convenient storage case. Here are some of the best makeup brush sets on the market. Go through the different options and see which fits your needs the most. Whichever set you get, you’ll have some high-quality brushes to let you complete the makeup look of your dreams!
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Vegan Brush Travel Set


Visit HourGlassCosmetics.com

Features seven vegan brushes along with a beautiful bronze traveling case. You’ll receive six ultra-soft brushes for the complexion and eyes and an exclusive powder brush. Each brush features high-grade, PETA-approved Taklon bristles.

The roll-on of each brush is made from high-quality vegan leather. You’ll feel a lovely sense of balance while you use the brush. That’s all because of the weighted metal handle that improves the overall sensation of control. It’s a premium travel brush set for a premium price point.


Deluxe Brush Set

Sephora Collection

Visit Sephora.com

A 10-piece vegan brush set that comes with an easy-to-store pouch. The brush set contains all the tools necessary to complete a full-face makeup look. One slight issue with the brush set is that the bristles are made using a synthetic material.

The material is entirely vegan and is cruelty-free. It’s also easy to clean the brushes, and this is a decent set for a budget price!


5-Piece Full Face Brush Set


Visit TarteCosmetics.com

If you need to do a quick makeup look, there’s no brush set better suited for the task than Tarte 5-Piece. It features a complexion brush, a small cheek brush, a loose powder brush, a double-ended shader/blending eyeshadow brush, and a double-ended pencil crease/liner brush. 

The double-ended brushes are adorable and are some of the most valuable on the market. In addition, all brushes are made in an entirely cruelty-free manner. 


Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials


Visit FentyBeauty.com

The ultimate 4-PC set of Rihanna’s best selling makeup brushes. If you’re looking for a few premium essential brushes, the exclusive artistry pro complexion essentials set is a great option.

You’ll only be able to order this set from the Fenty Beauty website. All Fenty products are completely cruelty-free and easy to clean.


The Complete Brush Set

Charlotte Tilbury

Visit CharlotteTilbury.com

Charlotte Tilbury’s complete brush set features some of the most premium and well-built brushes on the market. All the brushes in the set are hand-pulled to maintain the perfect shape. 

However, you don’t get a case where you can contain all the different brushes. Each brush comes individually packed in a separate box. You pay a premium price for premium quality brushes. 


Essential Kit


Visit SigmaBeauty.com

Sigma Beauty’s essential kit features 12 brushes that’ll help complete your brush collection. Each brush features exclusive SimgaTech fibers that are easy on the skin and let you apply makeup evenly.

If you’re looking for a new starter kit or want to round out your already existing collection, then the Sigma Beauty essential kit is a great option. All the brushes are waterproof and completely cruelty-free.


Makeup Brush Vault


Visit Westman-Atelier.com

The Westman Atelier makeup brush vault set is a sight to behold. All of the seven brushes are designed by the oldest brush maker in the world using traditional techniques. As a result, the brushes apply makeup in the most flattering and natural manner.

All the bristles are made from cruelty-free nylon fibers that feel incredibly soft on the skin and are easy to clean.


Dior Backstage Brush Set


Visit Dior.com

The Dior Backstage set contains makeup brushes that the Dior artists use backstage in their shows. These are professional quality brushes and will help you achieve the perfect makeup look. 

Each brush features super soft and fine bristles that apply makeup naturally. You also get a very travel-friendly case to help carry all your brushes. 


Deluxe Five-Piece Brush Set

Tom Ford

Visit TomFord.com

One of the biggest names in makeup presents you with a premium five-piece brush set with a convenient carry pouch. All five brushes feature the finest fibers to help ensure that they apply makeup in the best way possible.

Each brush also feels nice to use and fits in hand perfectly.


Morphe X Ariel Jaclyn Hill The Master Collection


Visit Morphe.com

The ultimate brush set that’ll help you master every kind of makeup look under the sun. You get 24 high-quality brushes that’ll ensure that every artist can have a full collection.

Regardless of the kind of makeup you like, you’ll be able to create multiple different kinds of looks and easily carry your brushes with you as well.

Morphe brings the most budget-friendly brush set, which arguably packs the most value for customers!

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