12 Interior Design Coffee Table Books That Will Get You Inspired

Need Design Inspiration? We got you covered! Our Home Editors curated the perfect aesthetically pleasing Interior design books that will look great out in your space as well as give you home decor inspiration and tips. Now more than ever people are revamping their space and making it a place they love and are inspired to be in. These books will be sure to get you moving in the right direction and will be sure to inspire you.
The products on this page have been selected by our editors and we may make commission on some products.


Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations

Author: Axel Vervoordt, Tatsuro Miki
Photographer: Laziz Hamani
Type of Design: 
Eastern-Inspired, Minimalist

Legendary design guru Axel Vervoordt, a student of Zen, has always been inspired by Eastern philosophy and art. He particularly pulls inspiration from Wabi, a 12th Century Japanese worldview that upholds imperfection and impermanence. 

The 350 stunning photographs in this book give you an inside look at Vervoordt’s unique style of interior design, based around the use of natural materials and imperfect items. 


Still: The Slow Home

Author: Natalie Walton
Photographer: Chris Warnes
Type of Design: Rustic, Eco-Friendly

This enlightening book guides us through the homes of people from around the world who embrace the SLOW lifestyle – a philosophy that focuses on simplifying your life and the space around you. 

Still features 12 case studies of homeowners and their homes, while emphasizing that our surroundings can play a huge part in our well-being. Uncluttered spaces, neutral palettes and locally sourced artisan items bring a sense of calm to each home. 


Timeless Interiors & Renovations

Author: Wim Pauwels
Type of Design: Traditional, French Country

This book contains a collection of interior design projects that have a truly timeless quality. With input from respected architects and designers, it takes a look at how to achieve a style that only gets better with age. 

These 16 interiors – from ancient farmhouses to private mansions, lofts to country houses – make use of antique and reclaimed items to result in charming, elegant spaces. 


Interiors: Atelier AM

Author: Alexandra Misczynski 
Photographer: Francois Halard
Type of Design: Refined, Eclectic

Alexandra and Michael Misczynski are the husband and wife team that created the highly respected design firm Atelier AM. This selection of 8 residences shows their rich understanding of both the past and future of interior design. 

Materials are mixed that wouldn’t normally be – antique with modern, rough with refined, to created beautifully textured spaces that are strikingly bold and unique.


Gathering: Setting the Natural Table

Author: Kristen Caissie
Photographers: Gemma Ingalls, Andrew Ingalls
Type of design: Tabletop Presentation

Gathering is a selection of tabletops of all styles and seasons that inspire us to be more mindful and creative in the way we serve a special meal. Kristen Caissie stresses the importance of decorating when it comes to entertaining. 

These tabletops, ranging in style from rustic to urban eco-chic, all share in common a delightful attention to detail, personalization and connection to nature. Hosts and hostesses everywhere will draw ideas and inspiration from this book. 


Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

Author: Architectural Digest
Type of Design: Architecture of all kinds

Since 1920, Architectural Digest has been publishing images of the most stylishly designed homes and gardens in the world. Architectural Digest at 100 celebrates a century of the magazine and highlights the very best in design. 

This book lets us view inside the homes of celebrities like David Bowie, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Truman Capote and shows us the work of top designers and architects, from Frank Lloyd Wright to John Fowler.  


Live Beautiful

Author: Athena Calderone
Photographer: Nicole Franzen
Type of Design: Eclectic

Influencer and designer Athena Calderone has a vast international network of some of the best interior decorators, fashion designers and tastemakers. In Live Beautiful we get to see the process that goes into a beautiful home. 

Calderone lives by a concept that design shouldn’t just be nice to look at – it should improve the quality of our lives. She pulls apart the details of what makes each room work and highlights ways you can create the same effects in your own home. 


Nancy Braithwaite: Simplicity

Author: Nancy Braithwaite
Type of Design: Minimalist, Classical to Contemporary

If you’re thinking of pairing down your living space, this book by interior designer Nancy Braithwaite will get you excited about it. For Braithwaite, simplicity is key to beauty. Her manifesto on design shows us the power of restraint. 

While the styles highlighted in Simplicity range from country to contemporary, a dedication to minimalism is always present. 


Timeless Houses and Interiors

Author: Wim Pauwels
Type of Design: Traditional, Classic

This yearbook by Beta-Plus Publishing is the perfect coffee table book on architecture, interiors and gardens. A second book, Contemporary Houses and Interiors, is the perfect pairing, offering a beautiful selection of recently finished spaces. 

Timeless Houses and Interiors features dozens of new projects from renowned interior designers, architects and landscape designers. 


Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White

Author: Hilary Robertson
Type of Design: Monochromatic Interiors

The contrast between black and white will always be in style when it comes to interior design. In Monochrome Home, Hilary Robertson shows us how to use these shades beautifully in your own home. 

The design techniques demonstrated in this book show you just how versatile black and white can be, whether your style is classic or eclectic. 


Best of 500 Contemporary Interiors

Author: Wim Pauwels
Type of Design: Contemporary

Another perfect interior design coffee table book by Beta-Plus, this book showcases the 500 best projects that have been featured in their publications over the years. You’re sure to get inspired by the photographs of beautiful projects from around the globe. 


The Big Book of Chic

Author: Miles Redd
Type of Design: Eclectic

Internationally respected interior designer Miles Redd has a unique style characterized by bold, sophisticated spaces with wild splashes of color. For anyone who admires highly innovative eclectic design, this beautifully illustrated coffee table book is a must-have. 

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