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Nothing Gives Your Home A Sense Of Style And Sophistication Like Vintage Decor. Not Only Is This Interior Design Theme Elegant, But It Can Also Be More Down-To-Earth Than You Think. The Trick Is To Find A Balanced Approach That Doesn't Rely Too Heavily Upon Classic Decor. You Want To Step Outside Of The Box And Try New Things Instead.

Overall, It's Best To Use Vintage Decor As Accent Pieces To Complement A Room's General Theme. Still, We Understand That It's Not Easy To Find Quality Vintage Decor Online, So We've Put Together A List Of The Top Five Websites Selling Vintage Items.
The products on this page have been selected by our editors and we may make commission on some products.


Style Me GHD

The Selection At Style Me GHD Is Impressive, To Say The Least. The Online Shop Has A Broad Range Of Hard-To-Find Home Decor, Covering Everything From Lighting And Wall Decor To Kitchen And Bath Items Too. This Company Has Made Its Mark From The Very Start By Finding The Perfect Mix Between Versatility And Function. Nothing In This Collection Is A “Nice-To-Have” Because Everything Goes Well Together, And The Shop Has Everything You Could Want When Reimagining Your Home’s Interior Design.


House Seven Shoppe

Moving Along Our List, We Come To House Seven Shoppe, One Of The More Popular Online Choices Because Their Web Site’s Design Is User-Friendly. You Can’t Say The Same About Other ECommerce Sites That Deal In Vintage Items. Once You’re Shopping Around The Site, It’s Easy To Find What You’re Looking For, And The Prices Are Reasonable As Well. Style Me GHD Is More Of A Niche Site, But The Sheer Variety Of Items From Which To Choose At House Seven Shoppe Is An Excellent Change Of Pace If You Like To Shop Around More.


Market by Modern Nest

The First Two Online Shops On Our List Should Be Your First Choices, Yet If You Still Can’t Find Something You Like, Try Market By Modern Nest. It’s One Of The More Unique Vintage Decor Sites You’ll Encounter Because It Sells So-Called Found Items, Rustic And Imbued With Imperfections To Accentuate The Vintage Appeal. In Other Words, “Found” Equals Authentic. Overall, The Selection Isn’t As Broad As House Seven Shoppe, But It’s Still Fantastic.


Tadah Home Decor

Tadah Home Decor Is The Following Site To Make Our List, And For A Good Reason Too. It’s An Incredibly Humble Small Business Because They Have Every Right To Brag About Their Selection, But The Company Chooses To Stay Below The Radar. Their Brand Almost Has The Feel Of An Antique Shop But With A Great Selection. Best Of All, They Don’t Only Sell Vintage Decor; They Also Sell Custom Florals, Chalk Paint, And Handcrafted Furniture.


McGee & CO.

Lastly, We Come To McGee & CO., Which Is More Of A Traditional-Style ECommerce Site. Unlike Similar Shops On This List, This Company Offers Items Specifically For Kids’ Decor. Aside From That Unique Feature, The Site Has Plenty Of Other Options If You’re Looking For Genuine Vintage Decor. They Carry Everything From Ottomans To Mirrors, And They Also Have A Sale Section For Bargain Shoppers.


Olive Ateliers

Olive Atelier is a renowned business specializing in vintage-inspired creations. With a mission to infuse modern lifestyles with the charm of yesteryears, Olive Atelier has become synonymous with sophistication and unique craftsmanship. Olive Atelier takes pride in offering exclusive vintage collections, each item carefully curated to evoke nostalgia and charm. From rare finds to timeless classics, these collections are a treasure trove for those seeking to embrace vintage allure.

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DISCLAIMER: Products on this page have been selected by our editorial team. If you buy something through our links we may make a commission on some of the products. Thank you for your support. We always try to credit the correct and original source of every image we use. If you  feel a credit may be incorrect please contact us at info@monthlyfavorites.com

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